Saint Emmalex

Who is Saint Emmalex?

If you’re here, chances are ;

  • Firstly, you saw my blog or post and wish to know more about me.
  • Secondly, to  figure out how to become profitable , create more wealth, and build a freedom lifestyle in today’s online world.
  • Last but no the least, to learn more about living the best internet lifestyle.

In a nutshell, you are here because you’re pretty serious about improving your quality of life.

I’ll be honest, there are a lot of people out there who can help you these days. It’s not the 90’s where it was challenging to find mentors.

Before we go any further, let me warn you, if you are looking for some get rich or easy scheme out there or an easy life in one or two weeks, that’s not me. I will keep it very real with you.

 Who is Saint Emmalex?

Founder of Saints Above Technology

I was born in Mbengwi County, Ambazonia, in 1986

I grew up with my two sisters and my parents. My Father was a Government officer and My mom, a Seamstress and a Petty Business woman who supported my Dad to bring up three kids with so much love and affection.

During my secondary and high school education, I  struggled so hard to be among best 10 of my class because my dad wanted me to be a medical doctor or a chemical engineer but the best I could get was an average.

Perhaps like you, I’ve always had a burning pressure and desire for success.

Faced with the pressure from my Dad, I changed enrollment from Chemistry, Physics and Biochemistry in four semesters between two different universities all aiming to be an Engineer. One of the most horrible and frustrating days of my life going against my passion.

I finally quit and I got enrolled in computer science where I earned a University Diploma in 2 years.

At this time, my dad was retired and I had to get a job to pay my tuition to complete a Bachelor program.  Luckily, I succeeded in obtaining the degree in 2012 at age 26. I was lucky to get a job with the Government as a Computer Research Technician.

Then comes the real hurdle of life, working to earn a living at the same time taking care of my siblings and retired Parents with very little pension.

My life was a complete sham, no savings, working late and over weekends, less time to rest, drinking  and all sort of crazy things young guys do when they can earn something at the end of the month.

When I turned 30, I was involved in a tragic accident. One thing led to another, stressed and depressed,  i  took a moment to really think about my life… and for the first time I realized it was full of shxxx.

I got into a lot of debts  trying to repair damages caused from the accident. Glory be to God I was not hurt but now faced with the challenge to pay my debts.

I learned my lessons, changed my wayward style of living, stopped all crazy things i did  and my life completely changed but my financial situation was all the same.


I looked at my Parents, bosses and where I would likely be in 5 years and I decided it wasn’t the path for me anymore; hustle and boring meetings every day.

So, with little real world business experience as a Telecom Engineer, I started a business of my own.

The results… I failed miserably and got myself into additional debts which  led to increased anxiety, confidence shattered, after which I  decided to take up the challenge to leave the country for greener pastures and i found myself in Doha- Qatar.

God being so kind, I got a job after 2 months as an IT Support Specialist which was inline with my passion and professional aspiration though the pay was average but not enough.

Hence, I began intensively researching online, looking for different business models that could help me earn more income and pay off my debts.

This included: Freedom to work from wherever, no need for huge capital outlay or employees to start, no requirement for me to have to be working all day, no limit in income potential, and something I could do part time until I replaced my salary.

        Now most people would say that sounds too good to be true. That’s exactly why those people don’t find these sorts of opportunities. If you aren’t clear on what you really want, and/or if you’re not open minded. Of course, you won’t discover anything that’s better than what you are looking for.

I finally came across an ad on YouTube by Dan Halloway of SFM , I listened to his video and he mentioned exactly the kind of lifestyle I want.

I clicked on the link he sent and entered my email address and from there, I received periodic emails from him explaining what they do at SFM( SixFiureMentors)

As luck would have it, followed the training courses  and here I am on that journey.

So far I am confident this is the best online marketing and e-commerce course I have found so far, they are unique, honest, truthful and trust worthy.

Doing this “online stuff” is kind of like that old example of doubling a penny every day. Once you start doing it, the returns start to compound. Before you know it, you’ve got something big.

I believe that we are all responsible for our circumstances, and that if you don’t take action, we don’t really want to change. So let me ask you: do YOU want a change?

If so, and you’re tired of not living the life you really want, tired of being tied to one country,  earning less than you desire and tired of not having the freedom you want, then let’s at least explore the possibility of working together.

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