WordPress 5.0 new features


lets dive into the new features of WordPress 5.0

Say Hello to the New Editor code name Gutenberg

Gutenberg interface

Our new block-based editor is the first step toward an exciting new future with a streamlined editing experience across your site. You’ll have more flexibility with how content is displayed, whether you are building your first site, revamping your blog, or write code for a living.

  • Do more with fewer plugins.
  • Create modern, multimedia-heavy layouts.
  • Work across all screen sizes and devices.
  • Trust that your editor looks like your website.

Building with Blocks

block options

The new block-based editor won’t change the way any of your content looks to your visitors. What it will do is let you insert any type of multimedia in a snap and rearrange to your heart’s content. Each piece of content will be in its own block; a distinct wrapper for easy maneuvering. If you’re more of an HTML and CSS sort of person, then the blocks won’t stand in your way. WordPress is here to simplify the process, not the outcome.

how to add a block

These blocks are available by default, and more get added by the community every day. Here are a few of the blocks to help you get started:


Freedom to Build, Freedom to Write

This new editing experience provides a more consistent treatment of design as well as content. If you’re building client sites, you can create reusable blocks. This lets your clients add new content anytime, while still maintaining a consistent look and feel.

building and writing in Gutenberg

A Stunning New Default Theme

Introducing Twenty Nineteen, a new default theme that shows off the power of the new editor.

Editing fonts with Old classic integration

For those who are worried about their old classic look for editing the fonts, you can find it by clicking on the plus sign to add a block, then select classic.

Network Marketing Alternative

Network Marketing Alternative


Network marketing alternative
online business from scratch










Currently, many people are struggling with building a business or earning an income by chasing their families to join you or register under you in order to get commissions based on their sales.
Usually, this is called network marketing but that is not my discussion for today, its quite the opposite, a better network marketing alternative.

What is network marketing:

Network marketing programs feature an upfront investment and the opportunity to sell a product line directly to friend, family and other personal contacts. Most of them also ask participants to recruit others called “downline,” and their sales generate income for those above them in the program.


My very first involved health products where I was involved in chasing and persuading others to believe the product is real.No matter how hard I tried, attending meetings, speaking to people , and many other outrageous activities, my income was rather negative. I was spending more than I could receive. Sometimes you find a new customer and in a few days, they would just disappear.Some people succeed and some don’t.


Over time I realized I don’t want to build a business relying on friends and families but based on my passion and strength.
If you believe in this current age (2018) you can build a business as quickly as possible without calling and chasing your downlines, then you are in the right blog. A network marketing alternative that has existed over the last few years, have helped millions of people build multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses using the internet, laptop and with little investment, time and effort.

network marketing alternative
free network marketing alternative training


like i mentioned above, its a free gift, but what are the benefits of this network marketing alternative system?


The Benefits of SFM-The sixfigure mentors


–    The biggest impact is that your will have an instant payment rather than having to wait for cheques, build teams size of a small country which absolutely involves no chasing, no cold calling, no home parties, family members warm list for anything like that.These are old school strategies.

–    This method works 24/7 and 365 days a year whether you are working or not, sales are generated.

–    Here is the ice in the cake, your customers would practically be begging you to give you money – to purchase  products.

–    Yes there is work involve , this is a real business not a get rich quick scheme , but it is something that takes advantage of all of the new tools and technology  in this current age,  with billions of people online whether it be through mobile phones, laptops or desktops.


I’m not going to judge your method but I’m going to ask you this question,  do you think Network marketing or Multilevel Marketing is  the most effective way to build a business these days? possibly not and if you think the answer is no,

I will suggest you follow this LINK and hear more about and alternative network marketing system and possibly enter your email address on the page and why?

You will be redirected to another video and a series of videos over the next few days which will elaborate on everything said above.

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The 5 Steps to A Successful Online Business

start a profitable Online business from scratch
Online Business tools



Do you think it’s possible to start a profitable Online business from scratch?

Of course yes: CLICK HERE TO START

That can give you financial time and geographical freedom,

Something you can wake up daily and love doing it from home or anywhere.


Yes you can


1 – Targeted Advertising:

let your marketing be targeted to a specific audience for your offers and start getting people to your website in just minutes!

Targeted Advertisement

2 – Build a Lead Generating Websites.

Websites are a vital tool when building a profitable online business from scratch. Just like the one you are on right now can be created in under 10 minutes and without any technical know-how! Even better.

Once they are live they can work 24/7 for you!



3 – Build and manage a list of subscribed emails that are interested in your product

Modern Technology such as auto-responders, now makes it easy to store and manage lists of prospects that you can automatically follow up with 365 days a year!


4 – Provide Value

By providing value to your subscribers means giving them information that will help them not only about selling your product. This will build trust and desire for your offers. This is something that will separate you from the competition!

Provide Value

5 – Promote Quality Products

Whether you’re promoting your product/service or someone else’s, the final step to a wildly successful and profitable online business is the promotion of high-quality products that are in huge demand!

We are ready to provide an Exclusive 7day Video Series to educate you on how realistic it is for YOU to start a profitable online business from scratch.

free training

This program offers a practical hands-on training unlike anything else in the online business or Internet marketing world.

Our private community of like-minded members are either already living, or in the process of creating their ultimate ‘digital life’ and you can learn from them.


You can either WATCH us… or JOIN us! Which includes but not limited to;

  • An Introduction from the Mentors
  • Cashing In On The Digital Gold Rush
  • Big Problem. Big Solution
  • List Building For Profit
  • Earning Multiple Income Streams
  • Never Be Obsolete Again
  • Meet SFM Students Turned Mentors

click here to grab everlasting skills to earn SIX FIGURE INCOMES!

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Easy and basic tips on how to know a legitimate online marketing system from a fake one.

Online Marketing systems


Does a legitimate online system” exist?









You must have read some blogs on how to detect Legitimate online marketing system or detect fake online money-making systems.

There are indicators that point to a genuine product and there are legitimate digital marketing systems or training I can vouch for.

Most of these are the opposite of the make money online scams.

1-It Has A Strong and real Community

There’s no better way to know if it’s a real online marketing systems than community involvement. The community is the most important thing to look for when joining a program.

Facebook online money-making community systems community










Fake systems will not want other members talking to each other.

Nowadays, these communities exist mostly on Facebook like groups etc which has a great impact on digital marketing,


2-Free Introductory Trainings are Available

If a program offers a completely free intro (meaning NO CREDIT CARD), it’s a good flag. It means they’re confident to show you up front before you buy.

They usually provide value to you before you take the decision to register and buy their advance training guides.

While being a free member, also make sure of the following;

  • training is any good?
  • Can you get support or help when you need it?
  • Are they being very explicit about what they do?
  • they should be talking to you more about becoming efficient in life as a whole rather how much money you will make

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Free SFM trial

3- They describe the whole process BEFORE You register or purchase an online marketing system, Not After.

This point is the best for me on how to detect Legitimate online marketing systems. Never join something that hides the entire process behind a pay wall. Creating these courses and programs takes a lot of time and money.

So, it’s understandable that people will be guarded with what they offer as free content.

4-Plenty of positive Comments and Engagement

If you come across one that does have plenty of positive comments and user engagement. Some people say this is completely how to detect Legitimate online marketing systems.

But i will say Spend some time to read through the comments, and ask a question or two.

Also, make sure you Check if it is real. Quite often they are just photo-shopped images and do nothing when clicked on.

Positive comments

5-Has the Program Existed For a few years?

If a program has been around for several years or longer, you can probably trust it. Scams don’t usually last for long. At least, not under the same name. A great example is The Six Figure Mentors who still have active members going back as far as 2010.

When researching a product, check out when it was created.


6-Final Thoughts

This is the internet age. There are junk stuff out there but “WOW” … some incredible stuff too. The knowledge and experience and the way we communicate nowadays are fascinating and some mean a lot to humanity.

If you decide to sign up for a program, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get what you’re looking for. But with little research and attention to the key indicators mentioned in this article will tell you how to know a Legitimate online marketing system and chase fake online money making scams away, instead of having them grab your wallet.


As for me, I found a system which is a real online marketing system,  with proven steps and tools to make money online.

As you can see I am a byproduct of that training providing value as taught.


Curious enough, MEET MY MENTORS to know more about their programs.




Please leave a comment below; I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  • Have you been scammed before?
  • What do you look for in an internet marketing system ?


If you found this article useful, or think it might be helpful for others… Please share.



Saint Emmalex


10 Magic points that predicts its a fake make money online system.


It’s nice to work from home, have more freedom, more time and independence with just a laptop and the internet.

People usually ask the question, Is make money online real or a scam?. There exist both real make money online systems and fake ones.

The internet lifestyle appeals to just anyone who wants to earn money online, the reason why it is flooded with scams.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is just a guide based on personal experiences, not a standard to be relied on completely. Use this article alongside other related ones.

Bellow are 10 points that can help you detect make money online scams.


1 – Being asked to give personal or banking information

If they ask you to share your bank information upfront, it’s probably a scam. Real make money online systems never request the following:

  • Driver’s license
  • Social security number
  • Checking account
  • Credit or debit card password

OK to give:

  • Email address
  • PayPal address
  • Master or visa card number (but not the security code)


2 – Instant registration with money before anything else:

If they request money for registration or investment immediately with no explanation of details about their system,like what they do, then watch out.

 An exception could be for those who request money for training , but this should not be on the first day you visit their site.

make money working online scams


3 – Being contacted directly by a company you’ve never contacted before.

Emails offering earn real money online systems  or “too good to be true” business opportunity. Most people who fell for this scam were offered a better-paying position.

This is obviously false if  you never subscribed to their newsletter.


4 – Huge returns and get-rich-quick promises:

If their promises seem so lucrative (make $1,000 in a day or so,) –  I am not saying it is not possible, but be alert when you see such promises.

How would the owners make money if they are paying you so much for so little work? keep your eyes on what you will do to make such huge sums.

fake make money online systems
exaggerated promises


5 – Means of communication:

If a company only communicates through online chat, that could be an indication that it is not legitimate.

Ask to talk by video call or even voice call , if they decline, run away.


6 – Is it realistic and do you know what you will be doing?

  • is it possible under normal circumstances?
  • do you know the steps?
  • do you know what is happening in the background?

Run away from anyone who asks you to invest X amount of money to get 3X amount in return without details of what exactly they did to produce the income.


7 – No verifiable contact information or representing names and faces.

Check their website for their location and  details about the founder and team involved.Anyone who has put the time and effort to create a program is proud of it.

Real make money online systems  always  provide the ability to submit a support ticket or a contact form .Fake make money online systems could also have it but be extra courteous.

If you find none of the above, raise a red flag.


8 – Payments options;

Another semi-scam here is when you register thinking it’s a one-time payment, but it turns out to be monthly recurring.

Any real money online system who didn’t tell you at sign-up that it’s a monthly or yearly registration but does that latter is fake. Run for your life.


9 – Is it all about the money?

If their stories or videos are all about their luxurious life;

  • exotic cars,
  • a huge estate homes
  • huge cash on a desk picture,

make money online scam
all about the money

The truth is, most people that earn legitimate income online are not living extravagant lifestyles. The ones that do, don’t exaggerate their claims and brag about it.

A “luxury lifestyle” is possible but its hard work and commitment.


10 – Check Out the Comments Section and reviews on their social media pages:

Normally a few positive reviews exist, which is normal. If you see the negative comments or reviews outnumber the positive ones, say 70% and above, it’s a red flag. Do more investigations.


If you follow the above instructions thoroughly, you will be able to spot a Fake MAKE MONEY ONLINE System.

All said and done, I can vouch that there are still authentic and legitimate systems that help you earn extra income using just the internet and laptop.

For a Legitimate Online Marketing System Training, Check out This Top Recommended Program

Learn More


Have you ran into any scams recently?

What do you look for in a legitimate online marketing systems?

Please leave a comment below; I’d love to hear your thoughts.


If you found this article useful, or think it might be helpful for others… Please share.


Saint Emmalex


Impact of Social Media on Digital Marketing and Businesses

Social media impact on business

The Impact of Social Media on Digital Marketing and Businesses has changed the way people work , purchase goods and interact.The emergence  popular social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn , twitter and Instagram have a great impact on digital businesses.

Some traditional marketing strategies are now completely outdated, others have been deeply transformed, and new digital marketing strategies are continuously emerging.

Social media can be a real danger to lives so as it could be of great importance worldwide.As you read on, I will outline the positive impacts of social media on businesses.

  • keeping in touch.

Don’t underestimate your network of alumni – ex-clients, people who have moved on etc. They are a great source of recommendations. Look at measures such as growth and engagement over a certain period of time and the success rates of turning them into business opportunities.

  • Cost of advertisement.

Earlier marketing mediums such as radio and print ads were very costly mediums. But now, through Social media people can connect with their target customers for free, the only cost is time. Using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., you can lower your marketing costs.

  • Improved Customer Insights

Businesses get a better understanding of their customers by allowing them to share their insights, knowing that the brand is listening. Social media allows them to see what potential customer’s opinions are.

  • Quick response and better Customer Service

Social media allows businesses to respond to customer’s grievances and concerns almost instantly. Customers want to be assured that, their requests are answered at the earliest possible time.

  • Connectivity

Businesses will always be connecting with the customers in terms of changing preferences, lifestyles, and resources and adapt to the changing interest of the consumers.

  • Promotion of company brand and awareness

Through social media, it is possible to increase brand awareness among customers as businesses can create awareness by building company image online.

  • More leads and Sales

Increased exposure through social media drives traffic to the company. This, in turn, converts potential customers to actual customers.

  • Higher website position in Search engines

The more people share, like, recommend and talk about your business the more the search engine finds your website relevant thereby increasing the chance of your web pages to acquire a higher position to the search engine results page

  • Image content for social media marketing

Social media users are becoming more engaged in sharing images and liking them. Image content can be very enticing among the social media users that offer a good online exposure of a brand. Images are known to boost a brand’s exposure to the search engine users.

  • Social integration to email marketing

Email marketing is one of the pillars for a successful lead conversion. By using social media , your leads will find it easier to make a buying decision if they see your brand within their friends’ social feeds. Social media marketers usually employ the process of updating their email marketing content in their social media status updates which is effective in promoting brand marketing updates.


If you are an advanced Digital Marketer or

Curious about Internet Marketing or

a Newbie looking for a step by step guide on how to use social media to increase your income,

you can learn more by clicking on the button bellow.

everyone has the potential to learn new skills, no matter the race or origin.

Take the first step, don’t procrastinate, success is based on taking actions not decisions kept for tomorrow

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