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Network marketing alternative

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Currently, many people are struggling with building a business or earning an income by chasing their families to join you or register under you in order to get commissions based on their sales.
Usually, this is called network marketing but that is not my discussion for today, its quite the opposite, a better network marketing alternative.

What is network marketing:

Network marketing programs feature an upfront investment and the opportunity to sell a product line directly to friend, family and other personal contacts. Most of them also ask participants to recruit others called “downline,” and their sales generate income for those above them in the program.


My very first involved health products where I was involved in chasing and persuading others to believe the product is real.No matter how hard I tried, attending meetings, speaking to people , and many other outrageous activities, my income was rather negative. I was spending more than I could receive. Sometimes you find a new customer and in a few days, they would just disappear.Some people succeed and some don’t.


Over time I realized I don’t want to build a business relying on friends and families but based on my passion and strength.
If you believe in this current age (2018) you can build a business as quickly as possible without calling and chasing your downlines, then you are in the right blog. A network marketing alternative that has existed over the last few years, have helped millions of people build multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses using the internet, laptop and with little investment, time and effort.

network marketing alternative

free network marketing alternative training


like i mentioned above, its a free gift, but what are the benefits of this network marketing alternative system?


The Benefits of SFM-The sixfigure mentors


–    The biggest impact is that your will have an instant payment rather than having to wait for cheques, build teams size of a small country which absolutely involves no chasing, no cold calling, no home parties, family members warm list for anything like that.These are old school strategies.

–    This method works 24/7 and 365 days a year whether you are working or not, sales are generated.

–    Here is the ice in the cake, your customers would practically be begging you to give you money – to purchase  products.

–    Yes there is work involve , this is a real business not a get rich quick scheme , but it is something that takes advantage of all of the new tools and technology  in this current age,  with billions of people online whether it be through mobile phones, laptops or desktops.


I’m not going to judge your method but I’m going to ask you this question,  do you think Network marketing or Multilevel Marketing is  the most effective way to build a business these days? possibly not and if you think the answer is no,

I will suggest you follow this LINK and hear more about and alternative network marketing system and possibly enter your email address on the page and why?

You will be redirected to another video and a series of videos over the next few days which will elaborate on everything said above.

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