How to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups free using your Android phone

Multiple facebook groups

Facebook Groups

Are you looking to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups Free?

You have come to the right place.

NB: This method is for Android phones. It does work on PC’s and Laptops.

The purpose of Social Media strategies is to build and maintain a presence on social networks. Nearly all organizations are trying to be present in the lives of their users or clients, and social networks are the key places they need to be in order to achieve this goal.

In this context, “Companies are focusing their attention on the power of Facebook groups. In addition, by using Facebook groups, brands can encounter a super-segmented public.

However, the task of generating a presence can be a difficult for some people, due to issues such as time, organization, etc.

Most online marketers or digital business owners use Facebook to create value and send their message worldwide. This involves writing blogs, creating ads and posting videos and animations.

If you have ever done this, you will concur that its time consuming and cumbersome to post a single post on each and very group or page you want to reach on Facebook. Imagine you want to post to 100 groups, that will take like forever.

It’s also possible to use Apps like Postcrons and Hostsuites which comes with a price but they are very efficient and contains many great additional features for online marketing.

Enough talking and lets get to work and let me show you the way I did Post in Multiple Facebook Groups for Free without paying a dime using my Redmi Note 4 Andriod Phone.


Step 1:  open your Facebook page on your android phone, login and click on the 3 horizontal lines at the top extreme right hand corner.

NB: if you already have the post on your timeline, skip to step 6 bellow.

How to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups free


Step 2:  Click on My pages
How to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups free

Facebook Pages Section

Step 3: Select the page having the information you want to share to other groups
How to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups free

Selecting a Page

Step 4: Click on “Page” and scroll down to the post you wish to share
How to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups free

Selecting the post

Step 5: Click on share just bellow the post, beside “comment” and then “post”.

This will share your post to your timeline in case its not already there.

How to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups free

Sharing a Post

Step 6: Go to your personal timeline, find the post shared earlier, scroll down and click on Share
Multiple Facebook Groups sharing

Sharing a post

Step 7: click on “share to a group”
Multiple Facebook Groups sharing

Sharing to a group

Step 8: Tap on each group you wish to share your information and its done.


Good luck

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